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Equipment Requirements

By Tanya Tyska, 06/13/17, 11:00AM CDT


The following, is a list of league-required equipment that each player must wear for the weigh-in and/or must be worn during the game:

 Game Jersey (not required for weigh-in)
 Shoulder Pads (not required for weigh-in)
 Game Pants
 2 Hip Pads
 1 Tail Bone Pad

 2 Thigh Pads
 2 Knee Pads
 Socks of any kind
 T-shirt (may be ¾ length and sleeveless, but no bands)
 Shoes that meet NFHS standards (not required for weigh-in)
 Mouth guard that meets NFHS standards (not required at weigh-in)

 Helmet (Stripers must bring their helmet to weigh-in but they are not required to be worn at weigh-in)


The following is a list of additional items the player may wear AFTER weigh-in:

Additional sweat shirts or tee shirts worn under the game jersey
Insulated tights or long underwear under the game pants and pads
Rib protector
Elbow pads
Forearm pads
Hand pads
Additional pairs of socks
Knit hats under the helmet.
Protective Cup