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Upcoming Important PAFA Dates for 2019

February 18th
2019 Registration is officially open

July 10th
Equipment Handout

July 29th
First Day of Preseason

August 17th
Party in the Park

August 26th and 27th
Picture Day

Volunteer for PAFA

In January, PAFA will formally elect board members for open positions.  Below are the nominations, and PAFA welcomes all who are interested in volunteering their time and talents to serve this great organization.  If interested in serving on the board, or another leadership position, please reach out to Tanya Tyska, Division Administrator, at

Nominations for 2019 PAFA Board:

  • Frank Stark:  President
  • Mike Roth: Vice President
  • Michelle Rushing: Head of Division Administration

PAFA Tackle Equipment Return-Nov. 12 & 13

PAFA tackle equipment return is Nov. 12 and 13, 6:00-7:30 p.m. at the Palatine Park District, equipment room.  Click here for the detailed instructions--including what equipment needs to be returned, and how to clean it prior.  There is a $30 fee if players are not able to return equipment on one of those two dates, however, you are welcome to return your player’s equipment with another parent.   

Academic All American

PAFA recognizes all PAFA tackle football players (3rd-8th grade) who earn straight As on their report card during the first quarter or trimester with an Academic All American award.  This award is designed to encourage our student athletes to achieve excellence on and off the field, recognizing that being a good athlete requires focus and discipline in all areas of their life, and that while performance on the field is important, school is most important.

To receive the PAFA All American Award, students will need to submit a copy of their first quarter report card showing all As (A- counts!) to their Division Administrator—see submission deadlines below.  Academic All Americans will receive a certificate and other recognition from the league at the end of the season, including recognition on the PAFA website. 

  • Deadline for submitting straight A report cards (to your DA) for students in District 15 junior high schools is Nov. 7 to allow for the delivery of certificates at team banquets, where timing allows.  Where it does not, other arrangements will be made.

  • Deadline for all other straight A reports cards (to your DA) is Nov. 23, and special arrangements will be made for delivery if team banquets occur after report cards are issued.  We will add the names to our PAFA website and send an email in early December recognizing our Academic All Americans.

You can text or email a copy of the report card to your DA, or provide a printed photocopy.  Please reach out to your team mom if you need contact information for your DA. 

Party in the Park 2018

Party in the Park--Aug. 18, 6:30 pm, Community Park Bandshell

PAFA will kick off the season with Party in the Park this Saturday!  There will be scrimmages for the tackle teams during the day (information to come from your coaches/team moms) and a party that evening at the Community Park bandshell, 6:30.  This is a great opportunity for players and families to come together, have some fun, get to know one another, and get excited for the season ahead!  Watch for more information from your team mom.

Punt, Pass and Kick Competition--Aug. 18, 8:30, Ost Field

BGYFL hosts a league-wide Punt, Pass and Kick Competition during the championship weekend in mid November.  Each town can send one representative for each age division.  This year PAFA will determine each age division's representative this Sat., Aug.18th. 

From 8:30-9:30 am, Saturday, Aug. 18, any PAFA player interested in competing for the honor of representing PAFA for their age division may show up to Ost Field and attempt their submission.  An attempt will consist of 1 Punt, 1 Pass, and 1 Kick.  The player at each age group (8U-Varsity, including stripers) that totals the longest combined yardage of all three skills will be considered the winner and move on to represent PAFA in the mid-November BGYFL League Competition.  Participation is optional for all PAFA players. 

Players can compete wearing just shirt, shorts and cleats—no pads required.

Getting Ready for Tackle--July 30!

We are looking forward to an exciting season of PAFA football!  Practice will begin for all tackle players on Monday, July 30.  We have a great night planned to kick of the season for players and families.  Please click here for the details, and information on preparing for the season.

Items to Purchase for PAFA Tackle

At equipment pick up, tackle players will receive a helmet, shoulder pads, rib vest, mouth guard, practice and game pants, and a practice jersey (game jerseys and socks will be provided when the season starts). 

Players will need to secure the following items before pre-season practices begin:

  • Football girdle (7 pad or 5 pad)
  • Knee pads (if you do not purchase a 7-pad girdle)
  • Protective cup
  • Football cleats
  • Large water jug

Concussion Awareness Training

PAFA is focused on creating a culture that is safe and supportive for youth athletes.  To support this objective, PAFA requires at least one parent for each PAFA tackle player to complete the on-line concussion training course provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention at the following address:

Link to required Heads-Up Concussion training:

One parent is required to provide to their Division Administrator on the first day of practice the certificate showing he/she has completed the training.  Please click here

A Community-Oriented, Safety-Focused Football Program

The Palatine Amateur Football Association (PAFA) is focused on building a strong football community-- providing local youth an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of football in a safe, positive environment, while building confidence, discipline, and character.

We provide tackle football for grades 3rd - 8th and flag football for K-6th grades. We welcome all players and families who are interested in joining a community-oriented football program where safety and character comes first. Please see our about us page to learn more about the PAFA program, and what to expect when you join our football community.

Congratulations to our PAFA Academic All Americans

Congratulations to our 2017 PAFA Academic All Americans (click here). These athletes achieved straight As during the football season, striving for excellence on and off the field.  Please join us in congratulating these athletes, and in encouraging our PAFA players to pursue excellence in their academic and athletic pursuits. 

Sign Up for PAFA Text Notifications

Through our SI Play registration system we can now send text notifications with important PAFA reminders or notifications.  To sign up to receive text notifications, when in the registration system (click here) select “my account”, go to “mobile phone settings”, and follow the instructions, which will require you to send a text to a number, and enter a confirmation code.

Join PAFA on Facebook

Click here to like and join the PAFA Facebook page.  We’ll post reminders, pictures, and other information throughout the season.  This is another great way to stay connected to your PAFA football family!  

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