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8U (formerly 73 lbs)

73 lb. maximum (or striper*)

Not 9 before September 1

*A striper player is anyone designated to play only offensive line or defensive line. The maximum amount of single stripers a team can have on the field at a time is (5) five. The maximum  amount of double stripers a team can have on the field at a time is (1) one. At no time may a striper advance the football and if such a player ever gains possession of the football the play will immediately be blown dead.  Stripers will not be allowed to punt or kick and they are not allowed on kick or kick receiving team.   If one of the teams does not have 11 non-stripers, then there will not be a  kickoff. When the team that cannot field 11 non-stripers is the receiving team, they will get the ball at their 35 yard line. For the team that can field 11 non stripers, they will receive the ball at the 50 yard line.  If a team has 11 dressed, non stripers, then they must participate in a live kickoff. Weekly weight allowance for stripers follows the same guidelines as for non stripers except for players in the Senior division. There will be no weekly weight allowance for the stripers in the senior division. All striper players must be defined no later than week (2) two of the regular season and will be designated as such on the final team roster. Once a player is designated a single or double striper, that player will remain a single or double striper for the remainder of the season. If a striper is in an illegal position on the field at the snap, the penalty will be treated the same as an encroachment penalty.

Mandatory Play: All rostered players in the BGYFL shall play a minimum of ten (10) plays in each official league sanctioned game. Upon review by the Executive Board a Franchise may be subject to Franchise or Head Coach disciplinary action, which include, but not limited to, game suspension (s).