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Important BGYFL Rule Change for 2017

This month, all BGYFL towns unanimously voted in the below changes to the 2017 Age / Weight Matrix Playing Rules in the interest of player safety, competitive parity, and overall enjoyment for participants.

Below are the changes (please click here for the weight chart with additional detail):

·         Player age is now determined based on a player's age as of August 1 rather than September 1.

·         Divisions have been renamed BG8U, BG9U, BG10U, BG11U, BG12U, Varsity.

·         Older lighter and young heavier designations have been eliminated and the small percentage of players who were categorized as such will now play with players of the same age. What this means is that kids will be able to play with their own age group regardless of weight, and players who are light for their age will no longer be able to play down (e.g. 8th graders playing with 7th graders).

At the February PAFA Board Meeting there will be an informational meeting for parents. This will be the first item on the agenda, and we encourage all parents interested in learning more to attend. The date of the February board meeting is Thursday, Feb. 9, 8:00 p.m., at the Community Center. We will follow up to confirm the location, which will also be posted to our website.

If you have any questions prior to the parent informational meeting on Feb. 9, please contact PAFA President Mike Spedale at

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